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Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Women’s Sweater For Different Body Shape


During the colder season, you might be longing for one thing to keep you warm and that is the coziness of your favorite sweater or an ugly Christmas sweater during Christmas time. It brings about a lot of memories that is perfect for the holiday season. While you may not be very conscious when it comes to the style of the ugly Christmas sweater you have, your regular sweater must be chosen specifically to suit your body type. Every woman is different and each has a unique body physique thus one style of sweater might not be suitable for everyone.


An off the shoulder sweater with a cowl neck is two styles merged in one sweater. This comes with a drape collar along with a style that can be easily converted to an off shoulder style for a sexier option. The neckline is design to bring the attention to the wearer’s upper body and create a flattering effect especially for ladies with straight body figures. To make the waist stand out more, a belt is recommended.


For ladies with pear shaped bodies, it is recommended to wear sweaters with cowl neck. Pear physiques are those that have larger hips compared to the bust. The cowl neck helps in emphasizing the smaller bust but at the same time create a balance with regards to the larger hip area. If you are a straight body type, cowl necks are also suitable for you since the neck style creates more attention to the upper body while shying away from the lower body.


For women with body types that are of inverted triangle, hourglass or top hourglass, the V-neck sweater style is recommended. The neckline will help emphasize the shape of the body as well as create a casual fit. For ladies with hourglass and top hourglass physique, a belt is recommended to emphasize the small waist. For inverted triangle figures, no belt is required to cover the waist as well as the small hips.


The poncho sweater type is recommended for bodies that are straight, spoon, oval, pear, and diamond. This creates flattering effect to the upper body while giving the illusion that the body is slimmer.